Double Block and Bleed Dual Expanding Plug Valve


Double Block and Bleed Dual Expanding Plug Valve


• Less space required 

• Less weight 

• Shorter drain times 

• One actuator instead of two Characteristics: 

• 100% tight shut off 

• Friction-free opening and closing 

• Pressure relief function 

• Soft sealing • In-line service 

• Vertical or horizontal installation 

• Wide choice of bleed systems


Advantages of the Control Seal ™ Design. 

  Friction free opening and closing, increasing the lifetime of the valve. 

  Corrosion and wear resistant materials are used on the closure members. 

  Bottom and top access for inline inspection and maintenance. 

  Adjustable stem packing while the valve is in service. 

  All valves are executed with a backseat, which gives the possibility to renew stem packing under pressure. 

  Non lubricated seal.

   Pressure independent sealing. 

  No coupling cam in the stem construction. 

  Topworks according to ISO 5210


Double Block & Bleed Valve Applications Double Block & Bleed expanding plug Valves are often used in the following applications: 

  Fiscal metering systems for gas and oil 

  Ship and truck loading services 

  Tank storage 

  Transport pipeline services 

  Clean hydrocarbon services 

  Aviation fuel services 

  MTBE services



Design API 6D, ASME B16.34

Face to Face API 6D, ASME B16.10, B16.47

dimensions Flanges ASME B16.5, B16.25

Fire Safe ISO 10497, API 6FA, BS 6755

Fugitive EmissionISO 15848, TÜV, Shell MESC SPE 77-312 

Testing API 598

Marking CE, MSS-SP-25 

Topworks ISO 5210

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