Emergency Relief Vent


Emergency Relief Vent

For Low Pressure Storage Tanks

The Elmac Technologies® non-sparking Emergency Relief Vents (ERV’s) provide high venting capacity. They can be used for pressure relief in an emergency case such as tanks subject to fire exposure. They are used extensively on bulk storage tanks and digesters. They can also permit access to low pressure storage tanks for inspection and maintenance

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 Features and Benefits 

• Hinged vent can be manually lifted allowing access to the tank for cleaning and inspection 

 • Range of sizes and materials to suit diverse applications 

• Wide range of pressure settings to provide maximum 

tank protection whilst ensuring minimum product vapor loss 

• Low cost maintenance 



Regulatory Requirements

In the United Kingdom, the Health & Safety Executive Guidance, “The Storage of Flammable Liquids in Tanks” (HSG176) covers the storage of liquids with a flash point of 60°C or below. 

These regulations include:

• Petroleum spirit • Kerosene

• Aviation fuels • Most solvents

Since gas oil, medium and heavy fuel oils with higher flashpoint are excluded from this requirement, the European tank standard BS EN 14015:2004 states (10.6.2) that emergency pressure relief shall be provided unless the purchaser specifically excludes the same in Annex A.

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